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Existing Businesses

Whether it's a small start-up or a Fortune 500 company, the services below describe the sorts of things we can do, and/or show you how to do, to improve your business.

Systemize Operations

Every business can be modeled as a system with identifable inputs and events. Doing so allows you to define what should happen in all aspects of daily operations and long term development. Having well-defined policies and procedures in place streamlines activity, reduces waste, and eliminates confusion over questions like "whose job is it to handle this?".

Just modeling the system is not enough. You have to tune it so that effort is not wasted and the critical decisions are being made by those with the best information.

Discover What Works

Ever hear of the expression "Ready, fire, aim!"? It's what old-school naval gunners used to hit their targets. They did, saw what happened, and made the necessary adjustments. It is a very effective tactic, especially when dealing with unknowns. Are you using it?

Increase Consistency

Some call it Quality Control. Doing things the same way every time allows you to position yourself in your market, define customer expectations, and then deliver on what you've said you're going to do.

Expand Bottlenecks

One of the most effective ways to increase sales is to identify the places in your business system where there are bottlenecks and then working to expand them. Management Guru Eliyahu Goldratt developed an approach to this called the Theory of Constraints. We know how to apply this theory to your business.

Improve Customer Interaction

How you present your offering to customers matters. Doing so poorly is one of the most common bottlenecks we find. Are you presenting what you do in their terms or yours? Are you thinking about your product or their need?

We are not a marketing, advertising, or public relations company. But, we can help you get the best out of their services by asking for material that will allow your customer to understand why they really do want to buy what you are selling.

Improve Staffing

Finding the right people, getting them integrated into your operation, and rewarding them properly for their contribution to your success is far more important than most business owners realize. We can show you how to trun employees from an ongoing problem to one of the keys to your success.

Foster Innovation

You've got to stay ahead of the competition. Successful businesses innovate constantly. We can help you do that, either by supporting your activites, or by doing it for you. We can conceive, define, design, engineer, and build innovative high-tech solutions to keep your products on the leading edge.

We can develop new products, new approaches, and new features for existing products. We can solve technical problems others are stumped by. We can conceive, and then implement, ways of doing things that others thought impossible, when they even thought of them at all.

New Businesses

Just getting started? Or, perhaps you want to but don't know how? Let us guide you through the process of launching your business. Doing things right the first time is a good idea.

Define Your Business

Do you want to be a watchmaker or own a watch making company? Are you a craftsman or an entrepeneur? We can help you decide what you want to build and create a plan to build it.

Do you want a business that is dependant on you such that if you're not there, you don't make any money? Or, do you want a business that runs itself based on the systems you've put in place and oversee?

Set Up the Organization

Is your idea one that can be duplicated elsewhere? Is is one that could benefit from an international and/or non-profit organization? Is it an idea that can be franchised? Do you want to implement a structure that provides tax savings and asset protection? We can help you understand these questions better and find the answers that make sense for you.


We can help you understand how to set up your staffing activity, what to look for in the people you bring on board, and how to motivate them to deliver the excellence your business needs to succeed.


Let us help you create a system that will define and support your goals, values, and objectives.

Non-Profit Businesses

Yes, even non-profit businessses can benefit from our services.

Turn a profit

Anyone who tells you that your non-profit doesn't need to turn one, doesn't understand how things work. No matter what kind of business it is, you always have to bring in more money than you spend. The difference between a for-profit and non-profit organization is that the forner distributes its gains to shareholders and the later uses them to do more of what it's in the business of doing. Want to do more? Then you need to earn more profits.

Know your Customer

Your customer is the one giving you money. It is not the one you are giving money, or help, to. They are, metaphorically-speaking, your "raw materials", an essential part of what you do, but not where the money comes from.

Your customer is buying the sense of satisfaction they get from knowing that they have helped in a way that means something to them. If you don't convey that effectively, and use their money wisely, they will find someone else who does.


Organizational Structure

If a business is not structured properly then it is almost certainly exposing its owners' assets to legal action and paying more in taxes than it needs to. We can show you how to correct that.

As companies grow, it becomes increasingly important to make sure that they are (re)organized to allow proper managment. Otherwise, you loose the initiative and responsiveness needed to stay competitive.

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

A lot of great people have spent a great deal of time learning what works, and what doesn't, when it comes to business. Some of the lessons have been glorious, others quite painful. You can learn from both. We have.